Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning curve

At this point, I now have a basic understanding of PHP.  MySQL is the next destination.  I stopped my login/registration programming because I felt like I got way too ahead of myself.  Baby steps...
You all must be thinking, "This guy is stupid, why a social network?"  Well it's a matter of the creative ideas that I keep in my head.  Who will listen when I give the ideas?  Will anyone actually implement them?  My friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to see if we can make these ideas come to life.  If this project ends up in the ditches, it's still a win win as we now have the knowledge to program with another language.  Quite useful too just incase we decide to make another project.  We are community college students who have never strived for the potential that we are capable of.  This is our chance... and certainly not the last.

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