Friday, November 12, 2010

The ideas that set in

My state of mind right now is to create this website which originally was supposed to just be about working around with this blog.  People's actions and reactions have influenced me to create something to sort of... let them get into, how do you say this, a "deeper level"?  Now in order to create this website, i'm trying to learn some PHP.  Perhaps buying a book is the best way to learn, but with monetary issues, it's likely that I will have to rely on the internet.   I developed a poor algorithm and have drawn up ideas on the layout of the website.  If I was code-savy, maybe this wouldn't all be just a dream right now, but a few-weeks-reality.  So my first challenge is developing a log-in/register page.  Now to many of you, this is simple.  I've done my share of C++, Java, QBasic, so i'm not exactly programming deficient. But to make a website where you have to create databases, using php with html, can't forget about mysql, it's going to be a LONG step forward.

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